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Install the client

Install the OpenShift Command Line Interface (CLI): oc to access the DSRI from your computer's terminal.

The oc CLI enables to perform operations on your applications deployed on the DSRI, such as:

  • Copy large files to or from the DSRI using oc cp
  • Connect to an application terminal using oc rsh
  • Get the applications running in your project with oc get pods

Install the oc client

On Linux

Download the oc and kubectl Command Line Interface clients:

wget && tar xvf oc.tar.gz
sudo mv oc kubectl /usr/local/bin/

On Mac

Use brew:

brew install openshift-cli

Or manually download the program and add it to your path:

  1. Download

  2. Unzip the archive

  3. Move the oc binary to a directory on your PATH.

    To check your PATH, open a terminal and execute the following command:

    echo $PATH

On Windows

  1. Create a folder for OpenShift in Program Files: C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenShift
  2. Click here to download the oc tool .zip file, and move it to C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenShift.
  3. Extract the .zip file.
  4. Next set the system PATH environment variables for the directory containing the oc.exe file, which now resides in your newly created OpenShift folder inside of C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenShift
    1. Open the Control Panel, and click on System
    2. Click on Advance system settings on the left or open the Advance tab of System Properties.
    3. Click the button labeled Environment Variables... at the bottom.
    4. Look for the option Path in either the User variables section (for the current user) or the System variables section (for all users on the system).
Set OC Path

This makes it easy to access the oc command line interface by simply opening up the PowerShell and typing in the oc command, e.g.:

oc version
Official documentation

Login in the terminal with oc

To use the oc Command Line Interface, you will need to authenticate to the DSRI in you terminal (edit it to use your username):

oc login -u Your.Username

Otherwise try to use the token provided by the Web UI:

  1. Go to the DSRI web UI.

  2. Click on the Copy Login Command button (in the top right of the page).

    Deploy VSCode
  3. Paste the copied command in your terminal, and execute it to login with oc 🔑

Login command

The command should look like this:

oc login --token=$GENERATED_TOKEN