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📚 Training

The DSRI offers a range of curated training courses to UM students, researchers and support staff at every career level.

Get started with the DSRI training

We organize training to cover essential data science skills needed to start using the DSRI. These include get access to the DSRI web UI, create a new data science application, write reproducible code and learn good programming practices. We also offer more advanced training such as GPU Programming, Parallel Programming and Deep Learning.

Our instrutors

All trainings are taught by Research Software Engineers and Data Scientist from the DSRI, in-house experts with in-depth technical skills, and extensive teaching experience. DSRI instructors are certified Carpentries Instructors, and members of the international Carpentries community.

Training materials

All training materials are collaboratively developed with the research community and are freely available.

Upcoming training

Do you want to get started with the DSRI? Contact us at to start preparing a training for your department.

Past training

1. Learning the basics: Quick start with the DSRI at the DKE (6 April 2022)

Students from DKE learned the basics on how and why to use the Data Science Research Infrastructure (DSRI) for their data science projects. Together with Prof. Enrique Hortal from DKE, we demostrated the usefulness of using DSRI.

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